FUSPA 2021 Internship Night


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The FUSPA committee are proud to present our annual internship night for 2021! This is an evening where we have guests from SAAS’s recruitment team come in and talk through the internship process and answer the questions you might have about getting an internship, and what is involved with the internship itself! We also have current and former interns share their experiences from SAAS and other services including Ambulance Victoria and New South Wales Ambulance Service, giving you an idea of what you are all working towards!

Tickets are FREE this year, but very limited due to COVID safety restrictions, so whether you’re a 3rd year about to apply for an internship, a 2nd year feeling the application process creep closer, or just a 1st year looking to stay one step ahead, be sure to get in quick because tickets won’t last!

WHERE: Sturt N335 Lecture Theatre
WHEN: Monday the 17th of May
TIME: 7pm-9pm